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Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game developed and managed by Krafton. The game was initially launched in India as Players Unknown Battleground Mobile or PUBG Mobile. The latter was banned in the country by the Indian government, and Krafton came out with BGMI, just for the country.

The game follows a simple format in which 100 players drop down to a battlefield and land, loot, finish enemies, and survive till the end to be crowned as the winner of that particular game. The game has been extremely popular in the country because of the kind of gameplay it has, and the kind of in-game cosmetics and themes the game has.

Now and then Krafton releases new and interesting cosmetics, which include gun skins, characters, car skins, and clothes that can be bought using BGMI UC. This improves the in-game experience and makes the game more enjoyable for players.

What is UC in BGMI?

To make the in-game transactions easier, Krafton has crafted two kinds of in-game currencies: Battle Points and Unknown Cash (UC). While Battle Points can be earned by winning the game or even participating, players will have to spend real-life money to get BGMI UC. Players can buy in-game cosmetics with both of them, but most of the in-game cosmetics that are of a higher tier: Epic, Legendary, or Mythic can just be purchased with the help of UCs.

How to purchase BGMI UC for Cheap on Rooter Shop?

BGMI UC purchase for cheap can be tricky. One has to be very mindful about the offers that are going on. Sometimes Krafton takes out deals that people can avail in the game. If you buy the BGMI UC from Rooter Shop, you are likely to get the cheapest price.

How to purchase UC in BGMI?

BGMI UC in game

If you want to buy BGMI UC, you can directly purchase it from the game and pay for the bundles. However, if you want to avail new deals and attractive discounts, you can tune into the Rooter Shop to buy the BGMI UC and spend it in the game.

How to get BGMI UC for Free?

If you want to get BGMI UC for free, then installing and using Google Opinion Rewards is the easiest option. This app from Google hosts surveys and asks you questions very often and every time you reply, it will give you Google Play Balance that you can use to buy anything. In this case, you can buy various UC bundles depending on the questions you have answered and the money you have collected in Google Play Balance. Also, you can win from giveaways that are hosted by streamers on platforms like Rooter and YouTube.

How to get BGMI Royale Pass?

BGMI Elite Pass

Every two months, Krafton releases a new Royale Pass. You have to purchase this with the help of UC. This BGMI UC can be bought from the Rooter Shop and the Royale Pass can be enjoyed. The Royale Pass will cost 720 UC for the Elite Royale Pass and 1920 UC for the Elite Plus Pass. The RP will give players a wide range of Epic, Rare, Legendary and Mythic items that can be flaunted in the game.

What can players buy from BGMI UC?

BGMI Weapons

You can buy a lot of in-game cosmetics from BGMI UC. These cosmetics include gun skins, car skins, characters, backpack skins, ornaments, and companions in the game. Krafton often comes out with collaborations, as well, and these can be availed from UC. These items often fall into the category of Epic, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic and can be used in the game and in the lobby when chatting with your friends. In addition to this, the Royale Pass can also be bought with the help of the UC.

Is purchasing BGMI UC from Rooter Shop and UC from in-game is the same?

There is no difference in buying BGMI UC from Rooter Shop or from in the game. The bundles and UC packs will be the same and UC will be credited to the account without any hassle.

Is BGMI UC from Rooter Shop trustable?

Buying BGMI from the Rooter Shop is trustable since it is directly linked with the game. Players will not face any issues or lose money if they buy the UC from the Rooter Shop. You can avail Rooter Shop offers to get BGMI UC.

What to do if BGMI UC Purchase is not credited to your BGMI Account?

While the chances of UC not getting credited in your account if you buy them from the Rooter Shop are nil, if it happens in rare cases, you should remove your game from Minimise and reopen it and you will see that the UC is credited in your account.